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As a child I don't think I would have called myself a bookworm. I liked books but I didn't have the thirst for knowledge like I do now. I find reading, wait for it, fun. I like learning new and exciting things through reading. I love learning about other peoples expirences and lives through the written word. 
Currently I'm devouring The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (J. K. Rowling) but I've got two books on deck; Amy Purdy's On My Own Two Feet and The Last Letter From Your Lover by Jojo Moyes. I am excited for The Last Letter From Your Lover the most, because I feel like it'll be a good read that I'll be able to enjoy but still plow through. 

What are you currently reading? And are you a bookworm or do you read because just to read? 


Burgundy Love

I'm Wearing: Sweater: Target // Skirt: Kohl's // Shoes: Nine West (♥ these) // Tights: Capezio // Jacket: BB Dakota (old) // Lipstick: Revlon Sassy Mauve (this is what I was wearing during the day that faded)

Long time no outfit post, eh? I promise not to dawdle too much before the next one but let me tell you-it's so cold here the Polar Bears at the zoo are the only content ones. 


What I Bought: Boxing Day (Day after Christmas) Sale

What I Bought: Blue and White Sweater: Loft // Harry Potter Lightning Tee: Hot Topic // White Overlay Chiffon Top: Loft // Bow Loafers: Nine West // The Dark Mark Muscle Tee: Hot Topic // Kate Spade Wallet // Bow Keyfob: Kate Spade // Foundation Brush (#27): Sephora // Nars Sheer Glow Foundation: Sephora // Temporary Tattoos: Tattly // Quidditch Socks: Hot Topic //

I love shopping, but I love a good ol' sale even more. Here in the states we don't celebrate boxing day but I live so close to the Canadian border that our outlet mall (which already has massive sales) was doing a Boxing Day sale. I felt like a bit of a crazy person because I had a mental list of what I wanted to buy (new foundation, black loafers, Harry Potter socks and something Kate Spade) but it all worked out in the end because I ticked off every box and even came away with a few more items than expected! 


❄ What I Got For Christmas 2014 ❄

***Disclaimer: Christmas is a time where you should spend your time with family and friends.This post is not meant to come off as bragging. I am incredibly thankful for my family and for everything they've bought me, but Christmas means more to me than the exchange of gifts.***

I love opening my gifts on Christmas morning. It's always a fun experience to see each of the gifts that my friends and family put so much thought into. I thought it'd be fun to share what I got for Christmas this year Most of this is from my parents but a few random ones are thrown in too. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

In My Stocking :
Barnes and Noble Gift Card- This was my Secret Santa gift from work. Honestly, I love it. Books are amazing.
Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince- So I'm currently in the process of rereading the Harry Potter series (!) and I only had up to book 5 because I believe I lost book 6 on a Canadian camping trip and 7, I have no clue where he is. I knew that I needed to buy book 6 again before it came time to read it so I bought it for my self and stuck it in my stocking!
The Body Shop Strawberry Puree- My mum bought all of the beauty products in my stocking (with a little help form me) so I knew all of them but that doesn't take away from the fact that this stuff smells so good I could almost eat it.
The Body Shop Shimmer Cube in bronze - I'm a green eyed girl who knows bronzes bring out the lighter shades of my eyes.
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder- #Essiebuttoneffect
The Body Shop Makeup Brushes- #therewasasale
Bite Beauty Lipgloss- As far as lipglosses goes this one ranks pretty high. It's a bit sticky but it's not as bad as some could be, it's a wonderful shade and the smell is just delightful (so pretty and fruity).
Benefit Beauty Rockateur- I wanted to try a new blush (originally NARS Amour) so after walking around Sephora I decided on this baby, who has a delightful rose-gold color.


Other Gifts:
Tommy Hilfiger Cable Knit Sweater- I love this color and how warm this is. It's a perfect oversized sweater (I sized up). Outfit with this fella coming soon!!
Tommy Hilfiger Socks- I have cold feet no matter what so these thick socks are a must.
American Eagle Jegging Sweater- Sweater Weather
Aerie Bra-
dELiA*s Long sleeve top- It was a going out of bussiness sale, it's so dang soft!
Francesca's Purse- Something new in a pretty color
Hogwarts Tee Shirt- #allIwantfoxmasismyhogwartsletter
Maleficent Movie- Angelina Jolie for the win
The Perks of Being a Wallflower Movie- I ♥ this but never bought it until now.
Taylor By Taylor Swift- My parents picked this out, I haven't truly tried it yet but from what I've smelled, I'm intrigued.
Marilyn Monroe Calender


November Favorites

Hellooo, everybody! Can you believe it's December? Last night I posted my November favorites on my YouTube channel, if you'd like to take a look!