Stella|Stella McCartney

I'm really picky when it comes to smells. I don't lust after that nutty scent everyone love, I don't like sickly sweet scents in anything besides a cupcake and a floral fragrance is alright as long as it's not overpowering. I love vanilla and musky scents but sometimes I want something new.

I spotted Kate of Ghost Parties review on this perfume. What appealed to me was that she said it had a musky edge to the mainly floral scent, because like I mentioned I am particular about what I like to wear as a scent. I sat on it for a while and then decided to go to my local Sephora to smell it. At first whiff, in the bottle I disliked it, but after I sprayed it on the sample paper and let it settle a bit I fell in love.

I'm pretty rubbish at describing scents but according to the website the notes are rose, peony flower, mandarin and amber. I can really smell the peony flower and amber at first but by the time it dries it smells so delectable as all the scents blends together.

I was surprised at how long this lasted, I stayed on all day and if I happen to have a rehearsal it stays through about half of the time I'm there, which I'm perfectly okay with. What I love about this is that you'll think it's gone of faded but then you'll get a whiff of it again.


Quebec City Photo Diary (Part 3: The Churches)

Quebec City is very rich with Catholic influences. They've got two beautiful churches and I thought I'd share them both with you. The first set of pictures is of Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de QuĂ©bec, and the second is the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-BeauprĂ©.


Quebec City Photo Diary (Part 2: Dog Sledding)

I'm back with a second Quebec photo diary, this time we're going to be focusing on my personal favorite activity (besides shopping) which was, dog sledding. This was my favorite, because we got to spend time with the dogs before we went sledding and we as the name would suggest, we went dog sledding. Now, these dogs loved doing this, I never saw any of them look fearful or unhappy. I also would like to point out that yes, these dogs are chained up but it's for their safety as well as our own, the visitors. But enough with that, on to the ample amounts of doggies!!


Quebec City Photo Diary (Part 1)

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't I'm @msJessDynarski), you will have noticed that last weekend I ventured into the arctic cold known as Canada, more specifically Quebec City. Quebec City is a French speaking town so, naturally I went with my French class. We spent three days in Quebec and most of that time was spent walking around and expirencing, as one of the Teachers said, "the most European city within the Americas". Take a look for yourself! 


January Favorites

Ahh! It's February already and I'm ready to share my January favorites. It was a good month, but I don't think I can contain my excitement that we're one month closer to spring/summer. I picked out a few of the things I used most including my favorite creamy eyeshadow, a downright inspiring autobiography and a tattoo!