the ballerina project

While I'm at rehearsals today for an upcoming performance (more on that soon!) I thought I'd share some beautiful pieces by Dane Shitagi. These pieces are a part of the Ballerina Project!


Jean Shorts

I'm Wearing: Top: Old Navy // Shorts: Target // Shoes: DV Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx // Necklaces: Peggy Li Creations and Target // Headband: dance ribbon tied around my head!

This is my first pair of jean shorts in years. I years. I think I was in middle school and they were total booty shorts (yikes). Now don't get me wrong these puppies are never going to be seeing the inside of my high school but they are a respectable length for a summer day. I paired them with a not-so-basic white tank top, my favorite sandals and some jewelry for a complete look. 
(Let's do some acrobatics why don't we??)

(And how to properly do a front walkover AKA the many outtakes of that last shot)


The Not So Basic Tee

I'm Wearing: Top: Target // Shorts: Francesca's Collection // Shoes: Payless (old) // Necklace: Peggy Li Creations // 

I dislike tee shirts. There I said it. I feel undone and too much like my mother when I wear them but then walked in this one from Target. I had been browsing for an upcoming outing and it's gorgeous lilac color dragged me over to it (they also have a cerulean one and a beautiful light blue one). What drew me in next was the sheer/chiffon panels, it takes the shirt from dull and boring to beautiful and wearable. I love it.



I'm Wearing: Top: Vintage // Skirt: Target (thrifted) // Shoes: Payless (old) // Necklace: Peggy Li Creations

Have you ever been looking at a statement piece and just known what would compliment it perfectly? I did that with this skirt. I knew a pretty white blouse would be perfect with the quirky bicycle print. I love how it looks and how it makes the whole outfit soft with a vintage feel. 
This week is just a basic summer week. I'm watching TV shows again (Hello OUAT and PLL), reading like a mad woman (currently reading The Princess Bride and Lullaby) and dreaming up some pretty interesting things. What are you up to this week? 

P.S. Happy Canada Day


It's the Little Things

I have never really been a big jewelry girl. Sure I've got a few statement necklaces and quirky rings but my heart lies in the dainty selection of jewelry. I love way a simple necklace like my Butterfly Twist necklace from Peggy Li Creations can make an outfit sweeter or how a bracelet like this Kate Spade one can not only be a nod to my dancer lifestyle but a reminder to have a little fun or with a modern twist this Micheal Kors bracelet is perfect for a balanced splash of glam. So today I'm sharing with you a fun little collection of all my favorite dainty jewelry from around the web!


It's The Little Things | Necklaces

Shop Them Here: (clockwise starting at top left) Crystal Glider Pendant // Gorjana Wishbone Pendant Necklace // Pearl Arc Pendant // Clustered Circle Necklace // Round Drusy Pendant Necklace

It's The Little Things | Bracelets